Jake Gyllenhaal talks about ‘The Batman’ rumors

by Steven Conroy
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The Batman movie has been the subject of ongoing rumour and speculation for quite some time.

The role of Batman himself has been the subject of much conjecture. Many believe that Ben Affleck will not be returning to the role. One of the most talked about replacements has been actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

jake gyllenhaal batman
Will Jake be ‘The Batman’?

While talking to Channel NewsAsia Gyllenhaal was asked if he would be playing The Dark Knight in the Matt Reeves directed movie.

“Wow, that’s a very difficult question. The answer to that question is ‘no'”.

So, unless this is a total red herring, Gyllenhaal will not be donning the cape and cowl any time soon.

Find out how some of the staff here at DKN feel about casting of Gotham’s favourite hero on the latest Dark Knight News Podcast.

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