McKay Staying With ‘Nightwing’ For Now

The LEGO Batman Movie Director plans to remain on the Dick Grayson film

After Joss Whedon announced his departure from Batgirl, fans were speculating if another film supervisor would leave the Bat Family. Nightwing director Chris McKay says he’s staying put.

Recently, McKay gave an update on the Nightwing script. No other details have been released. Through his work on The LEGO Batman Movie, McKay appears to be quite fond of the Dark Knight and his associates. And a great Nightwing movie would be a welcome addition to the DCEU.

Several actors have either expressed interest in the role of Dick Grayson/Nightwing. Fans have also expressed their picks for the lead. The list includes Drake Bell, Dylan O’Brien, Darce Montgomery, and Nick Jonas. DKN picked This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia as the former Batman sidekick. Hopefully, we will get more information soon. Nightwing has a proposed premiere date of February 1, 2019, according to some sites.

Kevin Gunn

Kevin is married with 5 children and 4 grandchildren. He loves all things related to DC Comics, even those movies that get a bad rep like "Batman & Robin" and "Catwoman." He has a degree in Communication and has a Masters degree in Public Administration. His favorite DC hero and villain are Black Lightning (though Batman is a close second) and Black Manta respectively. Kevin tries to exemplify being a hero every day by helping others. Something interesting about him: he was a contestant on "Wheel of Fortune." Follow Kevin on Twitter - @captsigma