‘Justice League’ Deleted Image Between Bruce Wayne And Arthur Curry

by Sharna Jahangir
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Justice League, directed by Zack Snyder, is rumored to be released during February 2018 on Blu-ray and DVD, and with this date approaching, fans are digging up more and more deleted scenes. The Reddit user stanleyThe (via ScreenRant) shared an image supposedly from the Justice League Blu-ray. In the photo, Bruce Wayne holds an astonishing amount of cash against Aquaman.


In this scene from the film, Bruce tries to bribe Arthur into telling him where he can find a mythological man. This man is revered as a protector of a small Icelandic village, and I’m inferring that studying the village’s patterns is how Batman located his new team member.

The billionaire offered Arthur $25,000 – $30,000 verbally, only. But the image below certainly changes the tone of the power dynamic.

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I definitely prefer the verbal proposition rather than straight out cash. It shows a level of disrespect as if Arthur would not believe his word. In addition, it makes the billionaire look ever weaker as he’s slammed into the wall. By holding the cash, it takes away power from Bruce Wayne because Batman’s word is golden. If a person doesn’t accept his word, then they are not worth his deals.

And so, I can’t speak for other scenes, but this was a nice choice! Both Alfred and Gordon are happy to see Batman have more friends, but he still has to look tough as nails while bribing them.

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