Batman and Superman Will Argue Over Who Leads the ‘Justice League’

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Not only is it the holiday season for everyone else, but also for Batfans and DC fans. Justice League news is upon us. WB gifted us with the photo of Flash, Batfleck, and Wonder Woman. That was followed by the news that Lex Luthor and Queen Hippolyta would be returning as well.

Now we’re hearing that Henry Cavill recently did an interview with the print edition of Total Film in which he told fans that Bats and Supes would argue over the leadership of the Justice League.

Cavill said, “There’s pretty much an argument between him and Batman as to who is the leader.”

Unfortunately, it seems that that’s not quite news as Cavill said the same thing all the way back in March, but it’s the first this reporter had heard of it… or DKN for that matter.

It seems like Supes, being most powerful among them, feels like he should lead. However, Bats begs to differ as he is the one who assembled them. However, I don’t find Supes to be that assertive in his personality. We saw that in Batman v Superman, he can be assertive, but that was because he was angry. Having just died and resurrected, wouldn’t he want to take a back seat?

And if we’re to take the Comic-Con trailer into consideration, it likely won’t be a devastating battle. Based on the comedic tone of that trailer, it’s likely going to be more of a quarrel. The strategic genius of the Batman will likely win out, am I right?

Justice League will hit theatres in November 17, 2017.

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