Lex Luthor and Queen Hippolyta Join ‘Justice League’

by Nat Brehmer
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Warner Bros. have just announced that two major characters have been added to the cast of Justice League. Both Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman’s mother Queen Hippolyta will be a part of the film due out next November. Jesse Eisenberg and Connie Nielson respectively reprise their roles.

It makes sense that Eisenberg would be a part of the film. He was the major build-up character for this film in Batman v Superman. He’s the one who heralded the coming of Steppenwolf. He even possibly hinted at Darkseid on the horizon.

It makes even more sense that Hippolyta will feature into the film in some capacity, given what we know of the plot so far. The three motherboxes were split between the humans, Amazons and Atlanteans.

We know that Willem Dafoe will be representing the Atlanteans, it makes sense for Nielson to be the face of the Amazons in that regard. She’ll have just appeared in the Wonder Woman standalone by the time this is released. She’ll be a familiar face to audiences.

Eisenberg has hinted that he would have a role in the movie. It had not been confirmed until now.

Justice League will be released on November 17, 2017.

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