“Batman Day” Sale on iTunes

by Chris Foti
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Happy Batman Day Bat-fans!  If you are like me and have embraced the digital revolution with your entertainment and media or if you are looking for a jumping off point, now is the time to do so!  Right now, the iTunes Store is having a sale on all Batman-related media from feature films, animated movies, TV Shows, Apps, Music, and Digital Books.

This special deal runs through the end of today, so if there’s something missing from your digital collection then don’t miss out!

“Ever since his first appearance in a May 1939 comic book, the character of Batman – created by artist Bob Kane – has been one of the world’s most intriguing, enduring superheroes.  Whether you know him as the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, or simply Bruce Wayne, Batman’s battles against an unforgettable series of criminal foes have been reimagined time and again over the years.  Browse our collection of Batman’s many incarnations, including graphic novels, TV shows, movies, and more.”

Batman Day iTunes Store


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