DC All Access Names Batman’s Top 10 Moments

by Chris Foti
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The celebration of Batman Day continues here at Dark Knight News.  With 77 years of history under his utility belt now, our dear Dark Knight is bound to have some standout moments.  So many in fact, that it couldn’t be contained on a single Top 10 list.  So yesterday, DC All Access posted a second Top 10 Batman moments video on their YouTube channel.

From a wedding gift to his friend Superman, scaring Gotham’s crime bosses in Year One, and knocking out a Green Lantern out cold with one punch, these are 10 more reasons why Batman is beloved by so many.

To check out DC All Access’s first Top 10 list published for Batman’s 75th year anniversary two years ago, check out the video below:

Do you agree with their lists?  What are your top Batman moments in his 77 years of history?  Let us know!

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