New ‘Suicide Squad’ Posters Made Available for Purchase; New Photos Released

With the Suicide Squad live-action film just 2 months from release, you should expect the marketing juggernaut to start stampeding through the Internet, pummeling all who stand before it. The new team-based antihero flick is building anticipation and because there is seemingly less pressure on this flick than Batman v Superman, I can only hope that it’ll be for a good time. The style and tone seen in marketing material so far seems to suggests so. It’s perpetuated even further in these new posters released a few days ago.

As is the trend with most superhero movies, the posters are mostly glamour shots of the stars of the flick badly Photoshopped together in some halfway decent arrangement. Like I said, the style and tone seems to suggest a very bright and punky vibe. Let’s hope the actual movie matches the marketing material. You can purchase the poster here for £3.99 or $5.79 USD.

In other news, the Squad has also made appearances in different magazines.

First off, they made the cover of a French film magazine called Cinema Teaser. Two covers and both are pretty spectacular, but the resonates most is the Joker one. That one is pretty damn wicked. The first photo features new shots of the cast in a nice little team shot, while the other is the Joker looking extremely sinister.

And lastly for today, Total Film magazine ran a feature on the flick and released a few promotional shots as well as set photos. Nothing new can really be gathered from these photos, but nice shots anyway.

Either way, trying to contain my excitement for the flick.

Suicide Squad hits theatres August 5th.

Adam Poncharoen​sub

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