Clip and Photos for ‘Gotham’ S2E12, ‘Mr. Freeze’

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Gotham is nearly upon. Just about a week away from the midseason premiere, entitled, “Wrath of the Villains: Mr. Freeze.” With that, comes Fox’s clumsy marketing. We’ve got some photos and a clip for you to devour in anticipation for the show’s return.

First off, here’s the official synopsis:

“Penguin takes a hit for Galavan’s murder, but doesn’t let Gordon off easily. Meanwhile, Gordon and Bullock investigate the body-snatching spree of Victor Fries (guest star Nathan Darrow), one of Gotham’s preeminent cryogenics engineers.”

Freeze was teased at the tail end of last episode and left most fans wanting for more. It was a pretty fantastic set up for the character. Unfortunately, the marketing material today doesn’t feature Freeze, so we’ll just have to wait until Fox inevitably releases more from the icy cold villain.

Here’s some photos:

There’s a lot of people walking in those photos. In the case of Penguin, strutting. The headshot of that unfamilar fellow is Nathan Darrow as Freeze. He seems like a person with whom I can sympathize. Aside from that, mercifully, nothing too revealing. I hope this is good sign that Fox won’t spoil more than necessary.

Here’s something else to consider, Penguin still has his perfectly coifed hairdo in prison. The camp in strong in this show.

Here’s the clip for which you’ve been waiting:

Although I always imagined Hugo Strange with a deeper, baritone voice, I do really like B.D. Wong’s turn at him. He looks pretty pitch-perfect to some incarnations of the characters. I definitely like the tone of this scene as well. It’s intense and they sort of subdued their camp for it.

Gotham returns on February 29th at 8PM on Fox.

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