‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Batmobile Statue Bookend

by Eric Joseph
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Icon Heroes have done it again! Their most recent piece of DC licensed merchandise sees them put a cool spin on the Batmobile as seen in Batman: Arkham Knight. This handsome bookend set will help you keep your favorite Batman books upright (well, I’m just assuming that you’ll use it for Batman books) and is exclusive to Action Figure Xpress.

Here are the official details:

Celebrate the finale of the Arkham series of videogames with the Arkham Knight Batmobile bookends! Designed to protect your reading material (as opposed to helping Batman protect Gotham City) these highly detailed, resin cast bookends are sure to impress even the wackiest inmate in your own little Arkham Asylum! The AFX Exclusive Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Statue Bookend measures approximately 5.75″ H x 13.6″ W x 8.11″ D.  Shipping 1st Quarter 2015.  $189.99 SRP.
Preorders are available at http://www.shopafx.com/afxexbaarknb.html.


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