Four New Clips From “Gotham” Episode 5!

by Louie Sullivan
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Gotham‘s been off to a pretty good start so far, and the episodes have only been getting better each week! If they keep their momentum up, it stands to reason that this Monday’s new episode, “Viper,” will be the best yet– and the following clips certainly don’t go against that prediction! Below, you can take a look at the four clips from the upcoming episode, and get a look ahead at what’s coming up on Gotham, including a tense meeting among mob families, a chat between Alfred and Bruce, a hint at this week’s villain (and a revamped look for Selina), and of course, some more context for the Penguin and Maroni scene we saw in the trailer for episode 5. Check out the videos, and don’t miss Gotham this Monday at 8pm on Fox!

Source: SuperHeroHype

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