Batman Incorporated #13 Preview (SPOILERS)

by Kayla Ann
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Grant Morrison is saying goodbye to Batman Incorporated with its latest and final issue, due out this Wednesday. After 7 years of writing about Batman – starting in 2006 with DC Comics’ Batman, then Batman and Robin, and finally Batman Incorporated – it’s time for Morrison to hang up his Bat-hat.

In an interview with USA Today, Morrison discusses his future work (Wonder Woman: Earth One), what music helps motivate him depending on who he’s writing, and his opinions on the Man of Steel movie. Here’s a little snippet of that conversation:

Q: You’ve done many epic runs in your career, from Justice League of America to The Invisibles to New X-Men, but will this Bat-journey of yours be near the top for fans down the line?

A. I don’t know what people will think — that’s for them and posterity to decide. But for me, I’ve finally gotten to the end. I was getting really frightened when I was doing the last issue. I thought, “This is not going to work.” And then when I got it to work, I felt good that I was finally done. This is accomplished.

Certainly for me, it’s been a really exciting project. I read all of them before I did the last one. There’s a lot of stuff in there that people could spend a lot of time looking at. In the way that the Superman stuff I’ve done is emotional and physical, Batman has been intellectual. It’s been about puzzles and weird storytelling tricks and doing stuff that doesn’t normally get done, that even I don’t normally do. Because of that weird intricate coursework puzzle nature of it all, a lot of people still haven’t figured out all the stuff in there. It’ll keep people talking for a long time.


Don’t be sad, though. There’s still plenty of Batman to come. Like down below, with the preview of Batman Incorporated #13!


There were a couple different covers drawn up for the issue:

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Okay, so I’m a little sad. Having any chapter of the Batman universe end brings a tear to my eye. I can’t wait to pick this issue up and see it all. What about you?


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