Square Enix Reveals Their Play Arts Kai Batman Figures

At SDCC 2013, Square Enix revealed the next addition in their DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai line, featuring  Batman and Batgirl. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the most avid collector. Therefore, I’m not very well-versed in collectible figurine lines that crop up every now and then. But it’s hard not to miss some of the anime-influenced variants over the years. They’ve been hit-or-miss with me for the most part, though I can always appreciate the intricate detail and work put into the figure. Sometimes the design takes something away from a very beloved character.

But recently, Square Enix, the makers of such wonderful games like the Final Fantasy series and the Kingdom Hearts series, have revealed some new additions to their DC Comic Variant Play Arts Kai line, most notably including some very badass versions of Batman and Batgirl. Honestly, you have to look for yourself.

Obviously they’re influenced by Japanese culture. I’m immediately reminded of some highly-stylized adult-oriented anime out there. Some anime tend to be very cartoony and silly, but when you glimpse some of the more hard-edged anime, the style isn’t too dissimilar to these, but those are just my reference points. Generalizing it to properly describe them, the highly stylized suits seem heavily influenced by samurai armor, but less antiquated, more modern, and more jagged. Who knew Batman could look THAT insane with red highlights? Batgirl looks fantastic as well, but I found the booty shorts and high boots a little jarring.

At the moment, it seems that neither a release date nor a price tag has been set, but displays at Comic-Con claim that they will be $80, so let’s just leave it at that for now.

How do you feel about the style of these variants? Red highlights on Batman? Booty shorts on Batgirl? Will you be grabbing these? Let me know.

Source: Play Arts Kai


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