Batman/Superman to Film In Toronto

by Gilbert Rivera
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While not yet confirmed, Vancity Buzz is reporting the unofficially announced news.  It seems Zack Snyder and crew, who filmed a good portion of Man of Steel  in Vancouver, will be relocating to Toronto.


Syncopy and Legendary Pictures have decided to move the sequel’s production to Toronto where Ontarian film tax credits are much more favorable.

This news comes to us from a reliable source who works deep within the North American film industry.

While the film is still in pre-production, it is scheduled for a “Summer 2015” release, and is expected to begin filming early next year. Here’s hoping this is a sign that the ball is rolling quickly and we get the news we are all anxious for: who will be playing Batman/ Bruce Wayne?

052 Batman-Vs-Superman

What do you all think of the move? Are there any fans in Toronto hoping for an extras casting call like they did for The Dark Knight Rises?

Source: VanCityBuzz

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