PREVIEWS: Batman and Red Hood #20-Carrie Kelley starring?

by Brendon Carlson
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Since the death of Damian Wayne, the Batman and Robin title has been Batman teaming up with Batman Family members.  Last issue was Red Robin.  This issue is for Red Hood, however the previews are more Carrie Kelley and Bruce continuing the story from issue #19 about Carrie being a part of the New 52/DCnU.  The gatefold cover had Carrie Kelley in a Dark Knight Rises look, and had fans wondering if Carrie Kelley was going to the new Robin more than Harper Row.  This issue the speculation continues as Carrie goes to Bruce about Damian.

What developments will we have with Carrie Kelley?  Will there be any hints of her role in the Batman Family with Damian dead?  What are the next steps in Damian’s requiem for Bruce?  How will Red Hood come into play?  What will the timing be of this story be with the events of Death of the Family and Red Hood and the Outlaws prior to issue #19 of Red Hood?

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Source: DC Comics


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