DC Reveals Summer Swimsuit Variant Art Covers

by Marsha Reilly
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Summer is coming, and to welcome it in DC Comics are showing off their new Summer Swimsuit Variant Art Covers.

To kick the summer off, the variants will feature ‘Titans’ by Saowee Variant, ‘Gotham City Sirens’ by Rahzzah, ‘The Flash’ by Mirka Andolfo, ‘Nightwing’ by Belén Ortega, ‘Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman’ by Frank Cho, ‘Batman’ by Olivier Coipel, ‘Superman’ by Elizabeth Torque, and ‘Wonder Woman’ by Guillem March.

The Titans are having fun in the water and look adorable in their new swimsuits, matching their personalities in their favored colors, while Harley Quinn’s enjoying a hot spring with some cute capybara and lots of yuzu fruit. Wally West is literally running with dolphins as Dick Grayson ‘relaxes’ at the beach with some drinks and sports.

The Trinity are showing of their skills, still dressed in their suits, as they water ski together. Of course, Batman doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it, but he’s still doing a good job. Afterward, Bruce does a few laps in his Batpool with a possibly tipsy Alfred keeping track of his time. Clark Kent is trying to avoid the sun but it still shines an iconic S on his chest through the canopy, threatening his secret identity for him, while Princess Diana makes a swing of her lasso to enjoy the seaside and heat.

Eight of these amazing new variant covers will be released in August.

Reach out to your local comic book shop for preorder information and snag yourself one of these hot new DC Swimsuit Variants!

Source: DC Comics

Images and Press Release Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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