‘Multiversus: Collision Detected’ Mini-Series Brings The Game To The Comics Page

by Steve J Ray
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Holy Video Game Crossover, Batman! DC has announced Multiversus: Collision Detected, a tie-in with the smash-hit Multiverses video game.

The last time this happened was with Batman/Fortnite, back in 2021. Everyone at Dark Knight News expected this series to be a cash-in but was very pleasantly surprised when both the story and art turned out to be exceptional. The series and subsequent one-shot follow-up, Batman/Fortnite: Foundation, both becoming firm favorites.

With the wealth of characters available for play, the Multiversus crossover has the potential to be incredible, and what we’ve seen so far really looks fun!

Here’s the official line from DC:

Announced By DC Entertainment
Releases on September 18, 2024

” Bruce Wayne, Diana Prince, and Clark Kent each wake in a cold sweat, troubled by strange dreams they’ve had about “the rabbit,” “the star child,” and “the witch.”

Their investigation into these enigmatic visions brings them to unexpected locales and unusual characters, but none more unusual than the mysterious “rabbit” from their dreams as they find themselves face-to-face with the one and only Bugs Bunny.

What the heck is going on here, and, who in the name of the Multiverse are “the star child” and “the witch”?”

Find out this September “

The series will be written by Bryan Q. Miller (Smallville/Batgirl) with art by Jon Sommariva (Batman/TMNT Adventures). This is a great pairing, as Miller knows how to handle stories featuring multiple characters, and I can’t think of many artists more suited to drawing Superheroes and cartoon characters on the same page, or who could do a better job.

The main cover for Multiversus: Collision Detected #1 will be by Dan Mora, with variants by Jon Sommariva, Mikel Janín, and Riley Rossmo.

The series begins on September 18, 2024. Keep your eyes on Dark Knight News for further developments.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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