PREVIEWS: Justice League of America #3-Catwoman a Traitor?

by Brendon Carlson
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The final April Gatefold cover is released this week with Justice League of America #3.  This issue ties-in and continues from Catwoman #19.  The traitor reference may be like other gatefold covers and not be what exactly happens in the story as Catwoman is on a Justice League team going into Trinity Wars if the covers remains.  The preview also continues to development the dynamics and reasons why the team had to join the Justice League of America.  With upcoming stories about a death of a hero for Trinity Wars, the Secret Society of Super-villians making their presence know for the members of the Justice Leagues, and the development of the back history of this team, this issue could have a lot to offer.

With 2 issues now coming out this month of Justice League of America, who will be the members of the Secret Society we see?  Is Catwoman a traitor?  Does the team find out she is working for Batman?  How will this lead into Trinity Wars?  Will the release of Catwoman #19 spoil some of the events that happen in Justice League of America #3?

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Source: IGN

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