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MegaCon 2013 happened over the weekend and it held a semi-Batman panel with Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver. Click the jump to see more.


MegaCon 2013 happened over the weekend from March 15th-March 17th in Orange County, Florida. Conventions are always awesome because a select few groups of people hear about what’s to come for some issues of Batman before DC issues press release. Only Gail Simone (current writer of Batgirl) and Ethan Van Sciver (current artist of Batman: The Dark Knight) dish out about upcoming slight spoilers for Batman comic books and what’s going with DC Comics.

You can see the whole panel below. If you can’t watch the clip below and just want the basic breakdowns, scroll below the clip for the breakdown.


Here’s a breakdown of what happened at the panel if you didn’t see the clip above:


Gail Simone

  •  Batgirl #19 is the “pay off” issue for everything that has been going on
  •  The Ventriloquist who will be in issues #20 and #21 has a all new backstory and powers.
  •  Gail and Ethan Van Sciver are working on a all new hardback to come out later this year that has Plastic Man in it.
  •  Gotham is going to “undergo a fundamental change” by the end of this year.
  •  In the New 52, Babs has never been Oracle but this is something she may one day become.

Other Batman books and what’s to come. 

  •  “Batman under Scott Snyder is the best it has been in years”
  •  He really wants to know where Cassandra Cain and Wally West are.
  •  Maps of the DCU will be out this year. Gotham, Central City, and others will take the place of existing real life cities.
  •  Thinks Batgirl #20 and #21 are amazing
  •  A “extremely dark” event is doming to The Dark Knight… something darker than the Scarecrow run and Mad Hatter run.

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Source- Geek New Wave

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