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RATING: Enjoyable Issue, read while you’re waiting for something/someone. 

So, what happens when a bat and a cat make a baby? Do they call it, Bat-Cat baby? Nah, they call her Helena. As in Helena Wayne, yea Brucey Bruce sat in a big fat tree with Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and had a babe baby! This is not the future of Batman in The New 52’s, nope. This is all from Earth 2 and you won’t be able to read this in The New 52’s Earth 2, so don’t try. This is all from the World’s Finest comic book, which features Helena Wayne as Huntress who escaped the doomed tragedy of Earth 2 where Batman dies saving the world from Apokolips. If you’ve been keeping up with World’s Finest, you will definitely see Helena all grown up because in The New 52’s she is 23 years old fighting crime and making her reputation as the Huntress.

Now in Issue #0, it shows how Helena became such a hero as a young girl fighting crime in Earth 2 as Robin. Yea, you read that right. She is Robin in Earth 2. So, she is the daughter of Bruce Wayne and a Robin. Sounds perfect to me! There have been some controversy  of  Helena being a Robin, but it happens only in Earth 2 and in The New 52’s so it’s not that big of a deal. Anyway, what is truly wonderful to see is Selina Kyle raising Helena into becoming a hero. The relationship between Selina and Helena was very heartwarming and it showed so much of where Helena got most of her skills from. Truth be told, I was not really digging Catwoman’s costume in this issue because it looked ridiculous as hell. However, it helped define how Helena became Huntress in World’s Finest. The relationship between Helena and Bruce was more of like how Batman and Robin worked together, which was all business as usual. There was a moment where Batman regarded Helena as his daughter because as a father, you’re a parent first and a hero last.

Bruce’s relationship with Selina as a wife was more of like how a regular family operates such as the wife’s word is the last and the most golden. I had to chuckle when Selina hushed up Bruce during an argument. It was such an imitation  of real life. I actually like this version of Selina with longer hair instead that short spiky hair cut she has. I thought that Bruce was much better as a father to Helena than he is to Damian, but that’s a whole another discussion.

Power girl is in World’s Finest and her relationship with Helena was more like best friends who fight crime together. Issue #0 showed a lot of how they met, which was very 1970’s. Please don’t get me wrong, I like this issue but come on let’s move on up as The Jeffersons’ would say. Girls are different now; we’re more independent and less chumpy chump. I would expect Helena to be very resistant into being Power Girl’s friend because she is Bruce’s daughter; skepticism runs in the family blood. I do blame this solely on Paul Levitz (writer of World’s Finest) who continues to pull World’s Finest into this 1970’s cliché type of comic book. I mean seriously, get with the times a bit! People are getting fed up with World’s Finest and some have even dropped the comic book after this Issue. I won’t be dropping it anytime soon because I like Helena way too much as a character. I just wish she was little bit more real and kept up with the times.

I can’t complain too much about the art because it had pretty good panels and art direction by Kevin Maguire and Wes Craig. However, I felt that sometimes every character including Helena had either no jaw or a broad jaw at times. Sometimes, Superman looked like he was sucking in his gut making him appear fat. This issue was good for what it was worth, but not a show stopper. It’s great for Huntress fans though. I hope that Paul Levitz leaves soon because World’s Finest is clearly pissing people off. Very soon, Huntress will be meeting up with her half brother Damian in a fight so that should be interesting.

Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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