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RATING: Enjoyable Issue, read for cool art direction. 

Gregg Hurwitz is best at giving back stories for characters. It is one of his best qualities as a writer making the character seem more believable and allowing the audience to have an understanding of the character. Now, the story of Detective Comics #0 is not new but it is giving a definite foundation for Bruce becoming Batman. The Batman we all know is one who distant and keeps everyone away. Issue #0 gives you the story behind this distant and cold demeanor of Batman, where Bruce loses a bit of his humanity to become Batman in the end. This issue also shows you what Bruce has been doing during those lost years traveling the world, and learning different from teachers in the art of combat and fighting.

 Tony Daniel did the artwork for this comic book so after this issue, I do not think we will be seeing Daniel. Of course, he is still part of DC Comics but he’s going to be doing Justice League. I believe he is doing Justice League #13 right now as we speak. Daniel did a decent job with the artwork and he continues to give that subtle darkness for Batman. He had some very powerful art direction especially toward the end of the issue where the Bat symbol is displayed on the wall in dripping blood. I did enjoy some of his panels showing physical emotions between the characters. Thank you, Tony Daniel for doing this issue.

 Next up will be John Layman who is going to be the next writer of Detective Comics. Layman promises to bring the detective back to Detective Comics. Jason Fabok who will be the main artist for Detective Comics will also be part of the promise to bring amazing artwork for Detective Comics. October is going to be very exciting!

 There was an extra bonus for Detective Comics #0, it shows the back story of Alfred waiting for Bruce to come back to Gotham. While Alred is waiting for Bruce, there are some annoying people who want the Wayne Family fortune. This back story was written by James Tynion IV who has done work with Scott Snyder on “Night of Owls” story arc for Batman. Tynion gives wonderful story lines for people to sink their teeth in. He gives more to Alfred’s character than it has ever been given before. Alfred has always been a firm supporter of Bruce by being his conscience. In this case, this back story digs into Alfred during the years Bruce was away training and traveling the world. It’s great to show what trials both characters had to go through before Bruce became Batman. Tynion definitely made Alfred a more lovable character. The art was done by Henik Jonsson who gave a superb job with the art direction. Jonsson used every angle to convey such emotion from Alfred. This made Alfred appear as a very passionate character. The panels throughout this back story were just beautifully well done. I am looking forward to Tynion on Talon, which is coming in September with Issue #0. I hope to see more of Jonsson’s work in the near future.

 Check out some of the panels that I thought were cool.

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