The Cardington Sheds are by now notorious for Christopher Nolan since he has used them before in Inception. Of course, Nolan would use this in The Dark Knight Rises. I believe many scenes have taken place in these sheds that holds a place in Nolan’s heart.

The ole underground prison. Now, I believe that Bane must love the funky ole sewers or staying away from light in general. I mean the man’s life has mostly been in an underground prison. It is pretty much second home to him with a little woman’s touch, it could be suitable for a picnic. JOKE! Do not fall Nolan, it is nasty down there.

This image is apparently assuming at this point, Applied Sciences for Wayne Enterprise. This is seriously huge compared to before in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Is that not the “Ball of freaking Doom?” I mean that is all Miranda Tate’s doing to bring the fire to the house. Of course, Wayne Enterprises is under siege because Little Miss “I want to save the world” Tate brings the end of Gotham. I know that the machine is suppose to help environmentally, but if the city “ain’t broke why fix it.” Right?!

Last but not least, Batman and tons of cop cars around him. At this point, I am assuming this is the beginning where he is running from the police and stops to give himself up. Instead, he says “SIKE!” and does a Thelma and Louise jump off the bridge or he gets arrested and pulls a getaway like The Joker except no one dies. EPIC, just pure epic!

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Source- LA Hero Complex