In light of all the new TV spots, character banners, international and domestic photo, and production stills; I want to start a DKN: Fan Roundtable. I enjoy talking to the fans and I love watching fans engage and interact with each other. Since we are all fans we love to speculate, theorize, and put up ideas about what might happen when we are finally graced with the epic The Dark Knight Rises.  Until then,  let’s go with this. The whole point of this Fan Roundtable is that DKN Podcast is not always able to let the fans theorize. On the Podcast, we do try to get to everyone’s theories and discuss them. For now, the Fan Roundtable will be the place for the theories and some discussions. Feel free to talk and please be civil and cordial. This was suggested by a DKN fan: Phillip Heath on DKN Facebook.