The Owl Signal ContinuesTo Shine On DC Comics

CBR did a great interview with interview with writer Judd Winick. I personally can’t wait to see the crossover  with The Court of Owls and Robin in these  comics . Here is an excerpt for the interview:

While you are already the series writer for both “Catwoman” and “Batwing,” the surprising title is, of course, “The Dark Knight.” How did you end up coming in to write that series’ “Night of the Owls” issue?

Well, like I said, Scott had this idea, something that had not been touched upon. I can’t go into it too much; it becomes a massive spoiler to discuss what’s at the heart of it! But it comes out to be one of the only stories that is told from the perspective of the Talons. It is told from one of the assassins from the Court of Owls, totally from his point of view. What makes it interesting, and I think what’s fun about “The Dark Knight” and what it should be, is the “Dark Knight” stuff should feel a little bit off the beaten path. It should be different Batman stories, not just another one; “Detective” goes one avenue, “Batman” goes another avenue and “Dark Knight” should take another one. I think in this case, this is all about Batman, but [in “Dark Knight”] we’re learning something about the Talons themselves. Particularly this [Talon].

For more info check out the link for an interview with writer Judd Winick.

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