Why Did Batman Punch That Shark In Arkham City?

by Matt
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Arkham City was a great game but one of my favorite moments was a nod to the old Adam West Batman movie where you get to punch a shark! Kotaku has a great interview with Sefton Hill, chief game designer at Rocksteady Studios check out this excerpt:

Kotaku: How did you decide to have Batman punch a shark?

Hill: “We were thinking about traversal and puzzles for Batman and about what Penguin would do if he took over a museum. What kind of exhibits would the museum have? We had this concept of a natural history museum. And we thought it would be interesting that Penguin would repurpose it … as kind of this torture chamber. So that was really how we started.

“And then we had this idea of the different weaponry in the torture chamber. We had the shark. OK, how does Batman interact with the shark? … One of the ideas we originally had is the shark comes out and grabs the raft. And then Batman pulls out shark repellent and he opens it up, and inside the shark repellent was a massive knuckle duster. And he just smashes the shark on the nose. And then we thought: maybe the tone is going a bit wrong… then we thought we’d slip it in for New Game Plus. We decided not to.”

Source: Kotaku

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