Rumor: Movie Producer Daniel Alter Reveals Doomsday in Batman vs. Superman

Producer Daniel Alter takes to Twitter once more to reveal that Doomsday is likely to appear in the Man of Steel follow-up, tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman.

Back in November, Daniel Alter, a movie producer who’s currently working on a flick over at WB, tweeted supposed inside information regarding the Batman vs. Superman script. Most notably, he mentioned that Bats and Robin have not been on good terms and a jaded Batfleck patrols the city from his Batcave via the use of Bat androids.

Alter cannot seem to hide his excitement for his unconfirmed knowledge surrounding the production of Batman vs. Superman.  He recently took to Twitter to claim ignorant on the matter of Bryan Cranston’s casting, but admitted that there was more than one villain, before blurting out the name. Doomsday. The mindless Kryptonian monster who managed to defeat Superman.

Normally, I’d likely waive it off considering Alter has nothing to do with Batman vs. Superman and only has one movie with WB, but there is some evidence to support this.

Jett Ramey, founder of Batman-On-Film, admitted that the second villain is someone highly rumored in his Q&A post from last week. A subtle tease at fans. However, with Alter just bluntly namedropping the villain, there’s no need for subtlety anymore. So Ramey, instead of just ignoring the Tweet, helped to either perpetuate or confirm this rumor.

o-THE-ROCK-HULK-COSTUME-570Need more evidence? Jason Momoa and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are in talks with DC/WB and both are really large, brawny dudes that could possibly pull off the massive size and scale of Doomsday, of course with a few enhancements.

Though I’m still likely keep some contingency salt hanging around, but there’s some actual weight to this rumor. And yes, I’d think it’d be pretty great to see Doomsday on screen. While Supes is battling Doomsday in what we can only expect to be another spectacular and epic action sequence, Bats can have his own battle of wits and cash with Lex Luthor.

What do you think? Any weight to Doomsday’s appearance? Or would you rather another villain? Let me know.

Source – Twitter (Via Yahoo! Movies UK)

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