Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito ‘Team-Up’ Against Michael Keaton

by Eric Lee
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During the most recent Oscars ceremony two former Batman villains Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito “admitted” how they both tried to kill Batman.

During the 96th Academy Awards ceremony, Schwarzenegger and DeVito took to the stage to present an award. Despite the fact that the two stars were in the popular 1988 film Twins, this was not the reunion that they shared.

“We both tried to kill Batman,” Schwarzenegger retorted.

Bat-fans are well aware of the reference. DeVito played the Penguin in 1992’s Batman Returns and Schwarzenegger played Mr. Freeze in 1997’s Batman and Robin

This little joke then started a riff between the duo asking how Batman beat each other’s villainous personas.

Arnold Schwarzenegger stated, “He used my one weakness against me…  Love.”

“Oh. He threw me out a window” DeVito replied in a deadpan voice.

But what really made the joke work was DeVito excitedly claiming, “There he is! He’s right there! Look!” while pointing to none other than Michael Keaton sitting in the audience.

Both Schwarzenegger and DeVito chimed in on their reaction to Keaton’s presence.

“You have a lot of nerve to show your face here,” Schwarzenegger said to Keaton despite the fact that he actually faced off against George Clooney’s Batman.

DeVito then added, “You’re a real beak-breaker. I’m gonna see you after the Governors Ball, pal!”

Keaton’s reaction on the other hand was totally deadpan. He remained almost stubbornly kept a stony face during the whole exchange. However, he responded with a silent waving hand motion of “Come here” with only the slightest of smiles. Somehow, Keaton channelled his inner Batman even without a cape and cowl, (although he was dressed like Adam West’s Bruce Wayne – ascot and all). The whole scene looked like it could have been an actual scene from a Batman movie. Bravo to all the actors involved.

You can check out the entire exchange in the video below.



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