‘The Batman Part 2’ Pushed to 2026 Release

by Eric Lee
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Warner Bros. delayed The Batman Part 2 by almost one whole year.

The sequel was initially set October 3, 2025. However, now the new release date is October 2, 2026.

In April 2022, the studio made the announcement that a follow-up to The Batman will be made. More recently in January 2023,  DC Studios CEO’s James Gunn and Peter Safran announced the 2025 release date. Gunn also specified  how the movie was going to be a part of the “Elseworlds” umbrella that is a separate continuity than his main DC cinematic universe.

While there was no official reasons, many sources indicate that the past year’s actor and writer strikes were responsible for the delays. During the strikes, no writers were allowed to work on any movie scripts or treatments. Given that The Batman Part 2 was in its scripting stage, the writer strike definitely could have impacted its progress.

Other Things to Look Forward to While We Wait for ‘The Batman Part 2’

We will not starve for Batman content, despite the second film being pushed further down the road. Warner Bros is still on-track for the Max’s Penguin spin-off show. The show allegedly picks up only a week after the cataclysmic events of The Batman where much of Gotham City is submerged underwater. Presumably, the show will deal with the immediate after-effects of that.

There is also supposed to be an Arkham Asylum show in the works. It is unclear exactly what that entails or what the series’ focus would be on. Apparently it will not be set in The Batman universe despite director Matt Reeves being attached to it. Hopefully, details will clear up as we get more information about it.

While it is disappointing to hear about  the second movie’s delays, it is good to hear that the studio is taking time to make a good film. Nothing is worse that a rush product that leaves for a sub-par movie experience just so the studio can make a release date. Take your time scripting and making the movie, Matt Reeves! We will still be here when you are ready!

Source: Hollywoodreporter.com

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