The Next DC Animated Feature Could Be ‘Jurassic League’

by Eric Lee
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There are rumors that DC Animation is creating a feature film based on Jurassic League, a story that casts the heroes as dinosaurs.

According to Slash Films, DC is developing the tale as an animated film. More interestingly, co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn will produce the movie. Initially, it seemed like the project was going to be another DC animated movie that goes straight to Blu-Ray, however, the inclusion of Gunn leads to some speculation. Will the film be a part of Gunn’s DCU film and television plans, like his animated Creature Commandos animated series?

Brian Lynch will create the screenplay. He’s most well-known as a screenwriter for animated hits like Puss in Boots and The Secret Life of Pets films, so if there is a guy who knows how to write animated movies about anthropomorphic animals, then this is that guy.

Beyond just animal movies, Lynch has some DC history, as he was also the producer of The LEGO Batman Movie.

Not much is known about the dinosaur-based movie, although one can hope that it follows the Jurassic League comics. In the mini-series, Superman was a Brachiosaurus, Batman was an Allosaurus, and Wonder Woman was a Triceratops.

The Jurassic League comic also got pretty crazy. The Joker was cast as a half-Dilophosaurus-Therizinosaurus creature, and Darkseid as an Ankylosaurus… however, he was walking on only two legs, unlike a normal Ankylosaurus that supposedly walked on all four. I guess Darkseid can do whatever he pleases… because Darkseid is.

There are no release dates set yet, so check in with Dark Knight News to see if the rumors turn out to be true.


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