‘The Flash’ Official Trailer 2 Ups The Batman Action

by Marsha Reilly
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Barry Allen is breaking the universe again in the newest The Flash Official Trailer 2. After not listening to Bruce Wayne’s warning that messing with the timeline could break everything, Flash… messes with the timeline and breaks everything. Of course, all comics fans know that this is something he’s becoming an expert at accidentally doing. Then again, the character also gave us the Multiverse, so silver linings and all that.

After meeting some very interesting new versions of old friends, it’s time to save the worlds that Barry’s placed in danger.

We were all very excited to see Michael Keaton returning to play Batman after so many years, and that excitement hasn’t gone away in the slightest. If anything, it’s only built since hearing him say “Yeah… I’m Batman” in the first trailer.

Sasha Calle’s Supergirl looks to make quite the entrance after being released from a Metahuman Prison, paying back all of the guards for her very long, unwelcome time there. Michael Shannon’s General Zodd also returns with a Kryptonian army that attempts to destroy the world. Of course, Barry fangirls with other Barry about Batman being Batman. I think that sums it all up.

This movie looks like it will deliver a rollercoaster of emotions. From what Ben Afflecks’ Bruce says in the voice-over, to Supergirl’s scream, “What did you do?” that gives me goosebumps no matter how many times I watch it. We know to expect heartache and heavy topics because of both Bruce and Barry’s origin stories, but with Barry Allen’s fun, goofy, lovable innocence and zero-filter, shown more in the first The Flash Official Trailer, we’ll probably be crying with tears at some point, too. Either way, we can’t wait for The Flash to finally get here.

Also, can I just say that the cinematography in this movie already looks incredible? Practically every is something you can save as a background. When Batman glides through the air as the Batplane crashes back to earth, the Batwing’s framed by the moon, like a Bat-Signal, as Batman and the Barrys fall through the sky.

Then we have Supergirl floating through stormy clouds holding a body, and, of course, the collection of Batsuits waiting to finally be worn again.  would expect nothing less from Andy Muschietti, who also directed both chapters of the It horror films.

The Flash is set to hit theaters on June 16th, 2023.

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