Matt Reeves to Make ‘Gotham Rogues’ Film Series

by Eric Lee
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The Batman director Matt Reeves is reportedly expanding the Bat-verse with a series of movies starring different villains from the dark Knight’s rogues’ gallery.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reeves looking to develop villain spin-offs from his hit movie. We know already that there’s a Penguin spin-off show coming, from HBO Max. However, it seems like the studio’s also interested in other villains that didn’t appear in The Batman.

Allegedly, Matt Reeves is meeting with various writers and directors for the different projects that will highlight the various villains. More enticingly, they’re interested in using characters… “both established and more obscure, with characters ranging from the Scarecrow to Clayface to Professor Pyg.”

Take all of this news with a grain of salt for now, since there’s no official word yet on these announcements. Additionally, THR reports the movies are in the very early stages of conception, so a lot can still change.

However, how cool would it be to see a movie based on other villains other than the Joker? It would be neat to see a live-action Clayface, wouldn’t it? Unlike other Batman villains, Clayface is particularly interesting since he is such a fantastical character with special effects-heavy powers. It would be more curious if they choose to fit the character into the ultra-realistic, gritty anesthetic of The Batman. If so, would we even see a Clayface with powers? Back in the pre-Crisis lore, the original, Golden Age Clayface was more of an actor-turned-murderer with a mask and cape. Perhaps that could be the back story the filmmakers go with.

Also, one wonders if there is to be a series of movies, will they all eventually tie-in together ala Avengers-style? Maybe they don’t have to team-up, but they can set-up any new sequels to The Batman. Imagine a sequel where there’s minimal set-up for the villains and we can launch right into more of the story with them and Batman? That has real potential.


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