New ‘Batman/Spawn’ Trailer Showcases Two Comic Book Titans

by Eric Lee
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DC have released a new Batman/Spawn trailer to hype up the upcoming one-shot special.

The clip gets straight to the point: it’s all about the big-name stars. No, not Batman and Spawn; the trailer boldly emblazons both Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo’s names… and rightly so.

To be fair, in comic book circles, these two guys are some of the hottest creators currently. Not to mention, they both have long-standing ties with both Batman and Spawn. Capullo had long-running, critically and fan-acclaimed stints on both heroes’ titles Batman and Spawn. McFarlane illustrated Batman during the Year Two story line and later on went on to create Spawn, and many sought after covers featuring the Dark Knight.


The murder’s row of hot comic artists does not end there, however. We also get a gallery with most of the variant covers being created by many of the top illustrators in the industry!

There are two main covers by Capullo, both of which have one of titular heroes standing over the defeated body of the other. The trailer also showcases covers by McFarlane, Gabriele Dell’otto, Sean Murphy, Francesco Mattina, J. Scott Campbell, Jason Fabok, and Brett Booth.

Not much else is revealed in the trailer other than a flash of Court of Owl masks. The masks- of course- hint at the villainous organization in an antagonist role.

The trailer is brief, but enough to get the hype levels up! December can’t get here soon enough!

What are your thoughts on the Batman/Spawn trailer. The comic itself will hit comic shops on December 13.


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