Review: Batgirls #11

by Fay Clark
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“Batgirl Summer” – Part Three
Writers: Becky Cloonan & Michael W. Conrad
Artists: Neil Googe, Scott Godlewski, Wayne Faucher
Color Artist: Rico Renzi
Letterer: Becca Carey
Review by Fay Clark

Batgirls #11 is finally here. After everything the girls have already gone through, and with a mass murderer still on the loose, I can only hope that Babs, Steph, and Cass are up to the job!

This place is a Zoo!

Field trip anyone? I love seeing our heroes undertaking normal everyday tasks and taking trips to places. It’s a lovely reminder that even though they save a lot of people and are constantly under so much pressure, they’re still able to relax and enjoy the mundane, every now and then. It’s a reminder to the characters of what they’re trying to save.

Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad have done this exact thing in Batgirls #11. We always get a great slice-of-life feel from the girls. Babs and her relationships, Cas and her reading/education, Steph and her meet cutes/social life. We get to see some great interactions between the girls in every issue, but with the latest issuethe team’s starting to come together like a well-oiled machine. It seems to be all the social escapades that our girls are struggling with!

I never knew I needed a mini crossover, as I’m normally satiated just by the plotline and art, but this was a nice surprise. I won’t be spoiling anything for anyone, but we get a great little cameo that I hope others will be excited about as well! Cloonan and Conrad have been such a great writing team that I’m not surprised that I enjoy all of the characters popping in and out. Although I do have to say, the ending for me was lacking a little bit of flare. After all the lead-up, it fell a little flat.

Talk about a team-up!

Well, look at that. The number of artists we have working on this issue’s insane! I know the girls deserve the best of the best to work on their stories, and that’s what they’ve been getting. It’s so interesting to see when different artists work on the same issue because everyone has such a unique style you can always tell who has done what.

The way the artists worked together in Batgirls #11 was great. The distinction between Neil Googe’s work and Scott Godlewski’s with Wayne Faucher was intense. You could immediately see a difference, and that’s not a bad thing. The one person who worked throughout was the colorist, Rico Renzi, who created a nice continuation between styles, with a complimentary color pallet.


This is such a good series, some answers have been given but we still have some to be seen too. As I said earlier the reveal at the end, felt a little underwhelming to me. However, it makes total sense for the storyline. I love the Batgirls and hope to have an explosive issue next time.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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