Harley Quinn Season 3 Official Trailer

by Marsha Reilly
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We finally, finally have an official trailer for Harley Quinn Season 3! It wasn’t long ago that it was announced that it would be released in July, and we’re now so close to seeing some all-new episodes!

Almost all of the Bat-Family make an appearance in the trailer, we even get a snippet of Joker and Jason Todd “bonding” and Batsy judging Nightwings serious voice. Which is very in character for everyone.

The squad is back together and Harley and Ivy are still as in love as they were when season 2 ended. Maybe even more. The party doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon, neither are the swinging back and murderous plants though.

With the Joker running for Mayor, Ivy trying to let her plants take over Gotham, Harley going through “some s#!t” and Bane spraining his wrist playing table tennis, Gotham just can’t catch a break.

This season looks like it’ll be as amazing, hilarious and dark as the first two. We can’t wait!

How excited for Harley Quinn Season 3 are you? Is there anything you hope to see in this season? If so, shout about it in the comments!

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