Scott Snyder Wants Court of Owls for ‘The Batman’ Sequel

by Eric Lee
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Popular Batman writer, Scott Snyder, has discussed which villains he’d want to see in the sequel to The Batman.

In his personal newsletter Our Best Jackett Press, Snyder gave his thoughts on The Batman. He loves the film’s ending, where Batman realized that he needed to be a symbol of hope and not of darkness. This is a character arc that Snyder likened to his own Zero Year story line.

I love the emotional thing they were trying to say at the end of the movie, which I think was literally the messenger [sic] from ‘Zero Year’ almost word for word …The words are in the comic about how he realizes he needs to be a symbol of hope, a symbol of inspiration, not a symbol of darkness. Instead of scaring bad people into the shadows, you bring good people out into the light in these dangerous times. And for me, that makes him happy.

Scott Snyder Chooses the Next Villains

But what about future villains? Snyder gave two choices, one of which is a left-field villain: Clayface.

I hope they use a villain they haven’t used yet. Clayface, for example. I think Clayface could be done in a really exciting way, especially in these times with all kinds of science-based stuff and also the idea of identity, all of it. I think he could be great.

Scott Snyder also stated interest in seeing his comic creation-the Court of Owls- in the next movie. He also thought of how it can connect the Owls with the Riddler’s plans.

Of course, I’m partial to them using the Court of Owls. I’ve been amazed by the clips of the cast and crew talking about the Court of Owls so much… They were probably behind some of the Riddler stuff, right?


If I was writing it, they’d come in and say “now Gotham is ours to reshape…” That would be amazing. Then  in the third movie, you bring in the Joker.


What I would do is, in movie #2, Batman needs the help of, or goes to Arkham to consult with villains about the Court of Owls or about Clayface and whatever.


You get to know those villains, and then in #3 all bets are off and Joker comes in. That’s what I would do if I was structuring it.

What are your thoughts of Snyder’s choices? Personally, his idea to tie-in the Court of Owls sounds great!

The Batman is now playing in theaters. It will hit HBO Max on April 19.


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