‘Flashpoint Beyond’ Trailer Reveals More of the World

by Eric Lee
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DC Comics has released a new trailer for the upcoming Flashpoint Beyond sequel comics series.

The clip features series writers Geoff Johns, Tim Sheridan and Jeremy Adams discuss the mini-series.

Check it out below:

Johns reported that the series will pick up where the original Flashpoint ended, with Thomas Wayne now left wondering why his world still exists. Other characters we should expect in Beyond include Aquaman, Wonder Woman, the Rogues, and Superman. How they end up colliding with Thomas Wayne’s Batman is still unknown.

Additionally, Flashpoint Beyond will follow a parallel adventure with Bruce Wayne Batman. Notice how in the trailer, Bruce will be teaming-up Doomsday Clock characters Marionette and Mime, two criminals from the Watchmen universe who got relocated into the main DC Universe. Now apparently Bruce will reunite with the duo to solve a mystery.

How does ‘Flashpoint Beyond’ Fit in Continuity?

This begs the question of how does Beyond fit into the overall DC continuity? Where does it stand in relation to Doomsday Clock? Or what about Thomas’ time as the antagonist in Tom King’s Batman run? Hopefully Beyond will answer those lingering queries.

Flashpoint Beyond #0 will hit comic book shops and digital platforms on April 5, 2022. Flashpoint Beyond #1 on April 19. The series will be bi-weekly.

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