Why ‘The Batman’ Needed To Be A Reboot

by Marsha Reilly
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The Director of the upcoming The Batman, Matt Reeves, has explained why he decided to make his version of the Dark Knight a reboot, not connected to the DCEU.

When word of The Batman first spread, many fans thought that Ben Affleck would be returning once more to play the Caped Crusader. However, Reeves confirmed that the new movie was more than just a rumor and Robert Patterson would be playing the Dark Knight. It quickly became clear that this film was going to be very different from all the others already in the DCEU. He even stated that his version of Batman was not connected to the Extended Universe.

In an interview with Premier, Matt Reeves revealed all:

I told Warner Bros that I had to be given the freedom to do the definitive Batman movie. Impossible to launch halfway into a Batman, impossible to do it as an amateur! Aim for the stars. That doesn’t mean we’ll get there, but if we leave without ambition, it’s bound to be a disaster. I will not have tolerated to miss on the comic book character that I like the most.

A fresh start might be exactly what Batman needs after all these years.

When IGN asked if The Batman would feature another retelling of his origin story in another interview, Reeves explained:

We’ve seen it so many times. It’s been done too much. I knew we couldn’t do that.

Many fans seem very happy that this is the direction he’s taking the movie and, from the trailers released in the last few months, more faithful to the original comics. Based on his second year as a crime-fighting vigilante, The Batman focuses on a noir-style detective story as Bruce tracks down a mass murderer, The Riddler, who seems to be connected to the hero’s traumatic past.

The Batman is set to be released in cinemas on March 4, 2022.

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