Review: Catwoman #38

by Adam Ray
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“An Unusual Suspect”
Writer: Ram V
Artist: Caspar Wijngaard
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Review by Adam Ray

The sudden, almost jarring change of art style in Catwoman #38 creates a huge but necessary contrast with the main storyline concluding in the previous issue. Last time we saw things coming to their natural and action-packed conclusion, so this time we have a relief of tensions. We know the creative team is shifting going forward, so we can expect to see the new artistic expression coming in, and being masterfully employed to recover from the stresses of previous issues.

It’s impossible for a Catwoman comic, under Ram V’s writing, to not pull some kind of bait and switch on us. We’re always tricked and hoodwinked with a clever twist somewhere in the story, and somehow, this issue’s was one of the most satisfying… for me at least. That little twist was wrapped up in the satisfying ending of the current storyline. Trouble may come back on Selina, so we can only imagine what the next steps are for our titular character.

There’s something incredibly light-hearted but detailed about Wijngaard’s artwork. The use of heavy lines and stylized, almost neon, color schemes makes things feel very vibrant. The last few pages of the issues are mirrored in a delicate light blue and electric pink color, as the narrator talked about Catwoman’s future. This gave me a real sense of calm whilst reading, particularly with the choice to color the text boxes with a lime green that really stood out amidst the action. The story worked as a visual treat as well as a character narrative.


Catwoman #38 gave us the calming visual version of a storyline conclusion. It was a welcome, relaxed, and satisfying ending that the title needed, whilst also feeling sincere and true to what we’ve read so far. Masterfully done by a writer I know and love, and a new artist I’m immediately blown away by.

8 out of 10

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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