Venue Review: Park Row Restaurant, London

by James Attias
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“Park Row”
Address: 77 Brewer St,
Review by James Attias

For those of you who have always wanted to visit Gotham City, and Wayne Manor, or go through a secret passageway and make your way to the Bat cave, then Park Row is the restaurant of your dreams!

1939… A Fine Year

When you first find yourself outside Park Row, it may not jump out to the regular folk, but to any seasoned Bat-Nerd, there are immediate signs that this place is going to blow your mind! I noticed a few green neon signs at the top of the building that were very reminiscent of Gotham as seen in the two Joel Schumacher Batman films. Next, when you come to the front door, you’ll notice a Wayne Enterprises Logo on the floor, as if everything had been donated by everyone’s favorite Billionaire. Then, just before you walk through the frosted door, there’s a number on the floor, which is quite significant: 1939. A fine year, and the one that started all of this.

Once the door’s opened, visitors are greeted by a friendly butler who’ll utter the words “Welcome to Wayne Manor”. That’s when you kiss London goodbye… you’re in Gotham City now!

The set pieces of the restaurant are every Bat fan’s dream! The Iceberg Lounge is everything you want, and more. There are stories here, Easter eggs, and even a Riddle or two, everywhere you turn. With themed songs playing/or being sung by Black Canary herself. The entire place is broken up into different parts of the Gotham experience.

A Quote From General Manager Roberto Paterna

Here at Park Row we pride ourselves on being subtly inspired by the DC universe, with nearly a hundred Easter eggs hidden around the venue.


First and foremost, we’re a fun restaurant that delivers quality service, food and drink in beautiful Art Deco surroundings. Wayne Enterprises has invested millions into Park Row, and we’re super excited to show it off to fans and non-fans alike.

Descent Into Mystery

I’ll now explain them in order, as you walk through/to them, while being led to your table. First, you walk to Pennyworth’s bar, named after everyone’s favorite butler. Its themes are class, dignity, and Whiskey; they even have a distiller on the bar itself that’s one of a kind, and unique to Park Row. Once you’ve wet your whistle, it’s on to the Iceberg lounge.

Iceberg Ahead!

The den of everyone’s waddling kingpin of crime, this is a classy restaurant with unique food, cocktails, and a giant sculpture of a Penguin wearing a top hat. This place is a treat and, if you’re dining, a wonderful venue in which to spend the evening. The next section alongside the Iceberg Lounge is the Monarch Theatre. To those in the know, this is a sad place where childhood trauma lies.

Please Exit the Theatre from the Front

This is an immersive 10-course dining experience, with a different theme for each course. This one is also kept a little “Hush” hush. On the other side of the lounge is the rogue’s gallery; a part of the restaurant featuring the stolen art from Selina Kyle’s endeavors. Each piece has a connection to a particular Gotham villain! Also, keep an eye out for some art that was “improved” by Jack Nicholson’s Joker in Batman ’89.

There’s also science at work! It wouldn’t be a villain’s den without some mad science, and the restaurant has the world’s first levitating molecule of alcohol, which can be guided straight into your mouth. Not bad for mad science! Now, onto the darker parts of Old Gotham, which is separated into two bars, for more casual villains trying to lay low. There’s Poison Ivy’s, vines and all for a little drink, or Scarecrow’s private treatment room, where you can sit and look at a few paintings/relics from villains past.

That’s the venue, now onto the food.

To Die For

The food was exquisite. Every course was like eating liquid gold, with a Batman theme. If you’re dining here, be adventurous as some dishes require a level of participation. Don’t worry, the food is the nectar of the gods, and that’s no lie. Smoked cocktails like Matches (Malone) will tantalize your taste buds. There are dishes on the menu like Joker Fish! (finny and funny and oh, so delish!) There’s a Big Belly Burger (don’t judge by my two picks here, I just chose them for the amazing names). For dessert, there’s a Kiss from a Rose; this dish is a wonderful thing to see. Nitro Popcorn chilled to perfection by Mr. Freeze? Don’t mind if I do!

The manager told us they’re going for a Michelin star for the restaurant, and if the food is any indication, I’d give them 3!

The staff were all wonderful, helpful, attentive, and had a good knowledge of the Dark Knight, even when tested by a nerd who’s a Batman-level threat. Beware some of the staff, though; speak not a whispered word of them, or they’ll send the Talon for your head. Do you know what I’m talking about? Just joking… or was that a riddle? Don’t try to answer it until you get there!

Gotham’s Finest

A higher recommendation I could not give! All Batman fans should pay this wonderful, exciting place a visit. Immerse yourselves completely; it’s fine dining, it’s Batman themed, and it was the best night out I’ve had in my life (I was with my wife, so it counts).

Big Thanks to Warner Bros. Huge Thanks to the staff, and eternal gratitude to the founder James Bulmer!

10 out of 10

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