Mark Waid to Pen Batman/Superman Stories in ‘Detective Comics’

by Eric Lee
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Mark Waid and Dan Mora are set to produce backup stories in Detective Comics featuring a Batman and Superman team-up.

Legendary comics writer Waid has returned from being away from DC Comics for over ten years. Over the last decade, he’s been writing for Marvel, on titles such as The Avengers, Dr. Strange, and Black Widow. Since then Waid returned to write a short story for 2020’s Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Last Stories of the DC Universe one-shot.

Now it appears that Waid will team up with Detective Comics artist Mora to produce a Batman/Superman adventure. The two will create an old-school backup story with the duo starting in Detective Comics #1050. This is fortuitous timing for World’s Finest fans since the main Batman/Superman team-up comic was recently canceled.

Looking at Mora’s concept art, this story seems to have a retro feel to it. The colors and the costume designs are brighter and have a 1970’s vibe. Regardless, it will be very fun to see Mark Waid take on Batman and Superman again.

Dan Mora concept art

Check out the official solicitation below.

Detective Comics Solicitation



On sale January 25th is the landmark, oversize Detective Comics Issue #1050, part four of the twelve part weekly SHADOWS OF THE BAT EVENT, featuring some of the biggest names in comics, like Mark Waid (THE FLASH), Dan Mora (DETECTIVE COMICS), Mariko Tamaki (DETECTIVE COMICS), Matthew Rosenberg (TASK FORCE Z), and Fernando Blanco (CATWOMAN).


First up is “The Tower” part four, the dramatic conclusion to Mariko Tamaki’s Arkham Tower epic, with art by Ivan Reis. The villainous force keeping Arkham Tower’s patients sedated is at last revealed—and this villain’s return is guaranteed to catch you by surprise. The issue also includes part four of “House of Gotham” by Matthew Rosenberg and Fernando Blanco, taking fans into the seedy underbelly of Gotham’s criminal elite through the lens of the Dick Grayson, and reveal what it takes for a young man to survive amongst the deadliest killers in the DC Universe. It’s a tour de force of Gotham’s vilest villains!


Finally, writer Mark Waid teams up with long-running Detective Comics artist Dan Mora for a new story set in the DC Universe, bringing readers to the start of a brand-new day for Batman… and Superman. This is just the beginning for Waid and Mora—and for Superman and Batman!

Detective Comics #1050 hits comic shops on January 25, 2022.


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