Review: Catwoman #36

by Adam Ray
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Writer: Ram V
Artists: Nina Vakueva, Laura Braga
Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Review by Adam Ray

Catwoman #36 brings a ton of action, the introduction of yet another antagonist force, and the amazing dramatic irony of knowing that things are working against our hero without her even realizing it. With all this tension paired with some of the finest character design and single-figure shots I’ve seen in a long while, we’re truly treated here.

Catwoman #36… guest-starring Harley Quinn

It’s so clear that the art team knows and loves the characters, as the ensemble cast in this title has grown immensely in the past few issues, and issue #35 ended with even more characters coming in. The immense cast all have such strong visuals that it makes for an amazing group shot. The characterization of Harley Quinn, with her welcome hero worship and slight childish attitude, all feel very new, but very on character.

We know that not all of Catwoman’s allies can be trusted, however, Selina does not. This is called dramatic irony, as we all know more than the protagonist, so we get the expectation that something big will happen. These secrets from our hero are one of the big draws for me in the title at the moment.


Catwoman #36 continues to bring the tension, as we’re made to think of all the struggles our hero has to struggle. The large cast easily dazzles us, and we’re excited to see so many fan-favorite characters fill the pages. There’s no sign of anything being resolved soon, which makes the mounting tension all the more nerve-wracking for when it culminates. Great writing, gorgeous art, color, and lettering, what more could a fan ask for?

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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