New Arthur Fleck Life-Size Bust Available For Pre-Order

by James Byrd
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A new life-size Arthur Fleck bust is now available for pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles and Infinity Studio X Penguin Toys.

Can you introduce me as Joker?

There’s no doubt that Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Arthur Fleck, an aspiring comedian who struggles with loneliness and mental illness before ultimately embracing a role as one of pop culture’s greatest villains, was a fine piece of acting. He absolutely carried a somewhat derivative and preachy plot on his back and made Joker a cinematic sensation.

It garnered him an Oscar and cemented his reputation as one of the industry’s most gifted and hardest working stars. It’s a role that will loom large over every version of the Joker character that comes after and deserves to be celebrated.

Now… can you imagine walking through your library or game room every morning and locking eyes with this guy?

You wouldn’t get it

There are all sorts of Joker statues out there; some are funny, some are scary and some are downright grisly. There are some that make you reach for your wallet and some that make your shiver uncontrollably. This has to be the first one that confirms your fear of ultimately dying broke and alone. If I bought this guy, he’d have to be facing a corner all the time. Now don’t get me wrong, this new life-size Arthur Fleck Bust is absolutely stunning, but it’s also stunningly scary and dark. Poor Arthur, he just wanted a friend.

… sigh, let’s look at the pitch:

Sideshow and Infinity Studio present the Arthur Fleck Life-Size Bust.


Infinity Studio hereby present the world-class ultimate Arthur Fleck collectible with our proud Silicone life size bust artistry! The masterpiece movie Joker achieved great success in 2019. Joaquin Phoenix casted Arthur Fleck with his brilliant performance in the story about how he become Gotham’s Joker from an ordinary comedian.


The collector certificate is made of 24K gold.


Every order before June, 2nd 2021 will have 1 resin “Joker mask” from the movie as a free gift.


Brand – DC Comics

Manufacturer – Infinity Studio X Penguin Toys

Type – Life-Size Bust




Menglong Zhao (Sculpt)

Gehui Fa (Sculpt)

Can you see this on your shelf? Let us know.

Images and press release courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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