James Tynion Teases The Future of Batman

by Eric Lee
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Batman writer James Tynion has dropped hints on the future of the Batman titles, including his new character Miracle Molly.

Miracle Molly

In his latest fan newsletter, Tynion expressed his enthusiasm for the latest issue of Batman. The new antagonist Miracle Molly makes her debut in issue #108. According to Tynion, retailers pre-ordered over 200,000 copies of the book and selling that high a number is no small feat for a comic that wasn’t overly-hyped, or a first issue in a new series. Of course, Tynion admits that the amount of variant covers may make up for the sales numbers. Just look at the insane amount of variants, including two that famed graffiti artist David Choe created.

[Issue #108]’s an unusual issue of a Batman comic, but my goal here is to make you love this new character as much as Jorge Jimenez and I do by the time you put the issue down. With [Miracle Molly], we wanted to create a character with a strong moral code that Batman respects but doesn’t necessarily agree with… Her story is one of the key defining threads of what we’re doing in the main Batman title this year.

James Tynion is Excited for the Future of the Bat-Line

James Tynion wants readers to know that the current story line is just the beginning. The landscape of Gotham is changing. Arkham Asylum blew up, Simon Saint is creating Peacemaker soldiers, and the Scarecrow got a huge upgrade recently.

This month, you’re going to find out what a lot of the line has been building to since A-Day in Infinite Frontier #0… ‘The Cowardly Lot’ is just the beginning, and the story is going to evolve into something bigger, as our story’s climax coincides with a bunch of the other Bat-Books. I can’t say much more than that, but I am verrrrrrry excited about [REDACTED ON PAIN OF DEATH]. But we’ve lined up a bunch of really really exciting stuff around what we’re doing this fall. Let’s just say we couldn’t pass up throwing a Halloween party with our good pal, Scarecrow.

Look out for Vengeance, The Daughter of Bane

Batman isn’t the only title that Tynion is writing. He’s on Joker as well, and this title is also introducing some new elements. The end of issue two debuted Vengeance, the female version of Bane.

For fans who bemoan yet another gender-swapped character, Tynion gets it. He’s not interested in just writing a female Bane, the writer’s also is sowing seeds of Santa Prisca playing a bigger part in Batman’s future.

The biggest new character we’ll be dropping in this series, made her first appearance in Issue #2. She hasn’t been named in the book yet, but promo around the book has called her VENGEANCE, DAUGHTER OF BANE. She is a [email protected](#!%g bad-ass, and a character I am very very excited for you to see more of… I’m playing the long game with a lot of the Santa Prisca mythology here, and for people who think that the original Bane is out of the picture entirely, I’d point them back to the caption in Joker #1 where Jim Gordon said he didn’t believe he was dead.

It sounds like Tynion has a lot of exciting stuff planned! If you don’t subscribe to his newsletter already, you can do so here! The writer always has a lot of cool insights into Batman and the comics industry.

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