Ruby Rose Talks Potential Kate Kane Return to ‘Batwoman’

by Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr
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During an interview with ComicBookMovie, Ruby Rose had some interesting things to say about her future as Kate Kane in Batwoman.

Batwoman Season 2 is only a few weeks in, with their new lead, and there’s already chatter about the return of Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane. Departing after only one season, Rose has moved on to some film roles while Javicia Leslie took over the cowl as Ryan Wilder.

While Season 2 is telling a new story with a new Batwoman, Kate is still very much involved in the storyline. With a plane crash, no body and a big bad who claims to know where she is, Kate’s fate is very much up in the air. As such, Rose addressed the possibility of returning to the show:

I mean, I’m obviously moving on to other roles as I think I’ve done about three films since. I would totally do it. I don’t think it would serve the story because I think building the new Batwoman is more important than going back too far into Kate Kane, but of course, I would, I would absolutely do anything they wanted as far as that [Laughs]. I haven’t watched the whole thing, but I’ve watched a couple of episodes, and I think how they’re handling it is beautiful. I think it’s her time to shine.

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Arrowverse's Earth-Prime Justice League from 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' WITHOUT Ruby Rose as Batwoman

The timing of Rose’s comment is right on the heels of her character being edited out of a shot from Crisis on Infinite Earths during a recent Arrowverse special. As previously reported, both Rose and the studio have seemingly parted on good terms, and her comment above seems to support that, as does Kate’s offscreen storyline.

Even showrunner Caroline Dries has made comments that point to everyone being on good terms:

To be honest with you, I did consider the soap opera version for a hot minute, selfishly, because we had a couple episodes already written, and transition-wise, it would be seamless [since] we already started breaking season 2. But upon further reflection, and [producer] Greg [Berlanti] helped me make this call and he’s way smarter than me about this sort of stuff, he’s like, ‘You know, I think we should just reboot the character in terms of reboot Batwoman as a different character.’ Just to also respect everything that Ruby [Rose] put into Kate Kane.

Everything that we’re seeing with individuals involved with Batwoman doesn’t seem to warrant the erasure of Kate Kane from the Arrowverse’s Justice League. In fact, all signs (at the moment) are pointing towards a very good possibility that we’ll see Rose as Kate in the future; if for nothing else but to wrap up her storyline officially.

What do you think of Rose’s comments? Are you open to the idea of her returning to Batwoman in some capacity? Let us know in the comments below!

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