Review: DC: Love Is A Battlefield #1

by Kendra Smart
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“DC: Love Is A Battlefield”
Writers, Artists, Inker, Color Artists, and Letterers: Christos Gage, Cavan Scott, Crystal Frasier, Regine Sawyer, Mark Russell, Sina Grace, Marquis Draper, Porsak Pichetshote, Tim Seeley, John Ridley, Xermanico, Jose Luis, Juan Gedeon, Rob Guillory, Nik Virella, Karl Mostert, Pop Khan, Chris Mooneyham, Rebekah Isaacs, Amancay Nahuelpan, Jonas Trindade, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Rex Lokus, Ulises Arreola, Mike Spicer, Ivan Plascencia, Chris Sotomayor, Kurt Michael Russell, June Chung, Troy Peteri, Carlos M. Mangual, Marshall Dillon, Pat Brosseau, Wes Abbott, AndWorld Design, Rob Leigh, Ferran Delgado, Travis Lanham, and Steve Wands.
Review by Kendra Hale

Love Comes In Many Forms

DC: Love Is A Battlefield gives us a slew of stories from talented creators, and features some of our favorite DC characters in Valentine’s Day themed tales. In this massive book we get ten short stories that give readers love, in all its forms, and – of course – action and laughs as well. Let’s get into it!

The Dating Game

In “Perfect Matches” Catwoman’s helping Batman go undercover on Maxie Zeus’s wedding cruise. This is the Dark Knight’s way of tracking the villains one by one, to take them out safer. Simple enough plan until “Matches Malone” is found out and thinking on their feet is a must.

“Bittersweet” shows Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor trying to have a date night on Valentine’s Day. However, not everyone has love on the brain, so when their dinner is interrupted by Blue Snowman, a lot more than food is laid on the table.

Flavor Of Love

Amanda Waller and Perry White play a game of chess in a small cafe in “Loose Lips”. In true espionage style none of them shows their true hand, but both have their own version of trick bags to pull from, and where this game ends is anyone’s guess.

“A Tale Of Two” showcases Wallace West and Emiko Queen getting ready for their first date. Both of them are obviously very nervous, and while they each have a coach cheering them on in their corner, it seems one is doing more than just helping out of friendship.

In “The Beginning” Harley and Ivy are looking back on their lives together. Moments of them from Arkham to joining forces and beyond. The schemes and shenanigans range from heart warming to downright hilarious.

Too Hot To Handle

Speaking of reminiscing, in “Together Forever” Hawkman and Hawkwoman are up in space trying to keep a galactic tomb from crashing into Earth. There they find the inhabitants of the tomb are looking for experiences and knowledge… for which the Hawks are MORE than prepared.

In “Anniversary” Barda and Scott are trying to celebrate just that, a vacation enjoying their anniversary. However, as we frequently see with other heroes, there’s really no such thing as a day off. For Barda and Scott, the Furies have come to say Happy Anniversary in their own, unique way.

“Ex-Position” has both Starfire and Nightwing responding to a crisis unexpectedly. The two soon learn that a strange visitor exudes a spray, unleashing some truths that they weren’t ready to air…

Love Connection

In “Able” Sgt Frank Rock tells a story that showcases a comrade of his, Sgt Grey. The leader of Easy company’s trying to get a double agent to safety, and love is certainly in the air, but not in the way you may think.

Lastly in “The Heart Wants” John Stewart’s on a mission to save Yrra as his tether to her tells him that she’s in danger. The Zamarons won’t give her up without a fight, and emotions are high when the past becomes highly present.


These creative teams have given readers such lovely snippets, and glances into the lives of their favorite characters. Love comes in many forms, and I adore the diversity, not only of the emotion itself but in all the ways the book embraces inclusivity.

My favorite story of course is “The Beginning” with Harley and Ivy, but that’s just because it was so touching. Each of these teams know their craft though, and have given us a delightfully fun Valentine’s Day themed book. Do yourself a favor, and share the love!

Images courtesy of DC Entertainment

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