‘Batman v Superman’ in IMAX to be Released Before the Snyder Cut

by Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr
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Article by Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr

Warner Bros. are really getting extra mileage out of their most controversial DC Comics movies, huh?

Zack Snyder is revisiting another old DCEU project of his, Batman v Superman. He’s giving it a bit of a lift, though. While it won’t be getting the same attention that his version of Justice League is, he is hard at work remastering BvS in an IMAX aspect ratio. While this isn’t entirely surprising, the fact that it’s planned to release before Justice League is.

Snyder posted to his Vero that we’re “gonna see a bit more.” The only new footage fans should expect to see is anything that wasn’t included in the Ultimate cut of Batman v Superman. While Justice League is getting an extra $70 million, BVS isn’t so lucky. The “bit more” Snyder is referring to is likely the IMAX aspect ratio each frame of BvS will get in the remaster. According to ScreenRant, Snyder has said he imagines that the new version of the film will land on HBO Max at some point.

Warner Bros. must be planning something big to be diving back into DCEU’s past. Batman v Superman, the second film that Snyder directed, after Man of Steel, helped push the DCEU forward. BvS officially introduced Batman and Wonder Woman into the world, with the latter subsequently receiving her own film, and its sequel will be available on Christmas Day in the U.S. BvS also gave a glimpse of other Justice League members, including Aquaman and The Flash. We’ve seen the universe expand beyond the team-up films with Aquaman (with a sequel in development) and The Flash in some sort of development.

Will you be seeing Batman v Superman in IMAX? Are you surprised that it will be released before his Justice League cut? Let us know in the comments below!

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