Justice League: Michael Shannon in Zack Snyder’s Reshoots?

by Carl Bryan
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Article by Carl Bryan

To Zod or Not To Zod? That is the Question…

Back in 2013’s Man of Steel, Michael Shannon’s Zod met his end at the hands of Henry Cavill’s Superman, though his corpse would go on to be a key component of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Yet Shannon himself hasn’t heard anything about whether his character is meant to appear in Zack Snyder’s upcoming four-part Justice League re-cut for HBO Max.

Given how long ago he died, it likely won’t surprise many that Zod might not appear in the upcoming reimagining of the adventure, but the previous announcement that Jared Leto would participate in reshoots as the Joker ignited a number of theories among fans.

No Kryptonian CPR Available

Michael Shannon:

Oh, I’d love to work with Zack again. I loved doing that movie. It was a special experience. I felt very fortunate that he called me to do it in the first place. So, I haven’t heard anything. I don’t know. I always tell people I’m dead, Zod’s dead, he’s dead. Unless you got a defibrillator or something I don’t really see it happening. But, I love Zack and I’m happy for him that he’s getting to do that.

When the idea of tracking down a “Kryptonian defibrillator” was brought up, Shannon joked:

I don’t know exactly where to send it, but I guess send it to him. QVC. Maybe they got it on QVC.

This isn’t the first time Shannon has shared his support for Snyder, but given that Leto’s Joker was only rumored to have been part of the original storyline of the film, it would seem that nearly all bets are off when it comes to DC Extended Universe characters being involved in the upcoming event

A Snyder Fan..

I’ll tell you what I know, my friend Zack Snyder, he had a rough go of it. Between the struggles with his family and what he went through with Warner Bros. Zack is a sweet, kind, gentle, hardworking, conscientious human being. I hope that this release gives him some sort of satisfaction or vindication or whatever. Because he’s such a good person, he deserves better than what he’s been dealing with.

While the original concept for a Justice League story was a two-film event, those ideas were pared down to one film, with Snyder departing his Justice League due to family tragedy before production had concluded, resulting in Joss Whedon helming reshoots. Snyder himself confirmed that four-part Justice League would be coming to HBO Max sometime in 2021, which will include unused footage and visual effects, in addition to including new material filmed specifically to allow him to complete his original vision of the project.


So, although fans are expecting to see even more appearances in the upcoming Justice League event. it appears that Zod is not slated for a resurrection any time soon…no matter how many Lazarus Pits may be in this movie.

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