David Ayer Discusses Alternate ‘Suicide Squad’ Opening Scene

by Eric Lee
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Article by Eric Lee

Suicide Squad director David Ayer has revealed details of an alternate opening scene for the film.

On Twitter, Ayer describes key opening sequences that set up two of the main characters: Enchantress and Harley Quinn. Apparently the first scene features archaeologist June Moon finding the Enchantress statue, and releasing the spirit.

Then the film cuts to a prolonged action sequence of the Joker attacking Arkham Asylum. Ayer details an extended battle scene that ends with Joker electro-shocking Harley. This act of violence has repercussions later in the film, where the Joker and Harley are arguing in the club, and then the car.

It’s unclear what he means when Ayer says “electro-shocks Harley” if it’s within the context of Joker breaking out of Arkham and torturing then-Doctor Harleen Quinzel into Harley Quinn.

Familiar Scenes in a Different Context

In fact, Ayer’s description implies that a number of scenes from the film’s theatrical cut are out of context. In the version that was released, we see a montage of Harley being tortured by Joker, then Joker and her at a club, then a car chase scene between Joker and Batman.


Looking back on those scenes, and integrating the what Ayer’s told us, we see a potentially different set of events. From Ayer’s description, the movie starts with Joker escaping Arkham, while turning Harley in the process. Then, almost immediately, the two celebrate at a club where a fellow gangster tells Joker, “Welcome back”. This may be in reference to Joker escaping the asylum.

Finally, the night ends when Joker and Harley are chased by Batman. If that’s the case, then Ayer’s original cut has Harley Quinn barely starting her criminal career. It certainly puts a different dynamic on her relationship with the Joker. It also makes it implausible that a rookie-Harley Quinn could have so much combat experience for the rest of the movie.

Of course, this is all conjecture, since there isn’t a full-detailed script of the original Suicide Squad.

What do you make of this alternate opening scene? Let us know.

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