Stephen Amell Endorses Batman’s ‘Smokey Eyes’

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Article by Eric Lee

Arrow star Stephen Amell approves of Robert Pattinson’s “smokey eyes” in The Batman.

On Twitter, Amell took a moment to give his okay for the now infamous “smokey eyes” in The Batman trailer.

The Arrow star goes so far as to say that giving any character the “smokey eyes” is a great way to jump-start a franchise.

Stephen Amell is referencing the latest The Batman trailer where Bruce Wayne unmasks, and shows the black grease-paint around his eyes. Traditionally, all live-action Batman actors wear black grease paint to give the mask and eyes a seamless look. However, when the previous movies show Batman unmasking, his black eye paint magically disappears. Of course, it is really just a movie magic illusion.

Given The Batman‘s commitment to ultra-realism, however, the film shows the makeup.

Fans of Amell’s Arrow series also know that his tweet is a self-referential joke. In the first few seasons of the show, the Green Arrow also wore dark green grease paint across his eyes in lieu of a mask. Later on the Green Arrow eventually gains his traditional domino mask.

The Batman will hit theaters tentatively on October 1, 2021.

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