Review: Justice League Odyssey #24

by Carl Bryan
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“History is Written by the Victors”
Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Cliff Richards
Color Artist: Rain Beredo
Letterer: AndWorld Design
Review by Carl Bryan

In Justice League Odyssey #24, Darkseid once again stands triumphant. On the cusp of rewriting reality, and controlling the destiny of the universe, the Lord of Apokolips must face one final challenge: Victor Stone, Cyborg. If the half-man/half-machine Titan can overcome Darkseid’s programming, he may be the Justice League’s only chance at stopping the dark god’s power grab at the edge of the universe.

Jessica Cruz has stuck by Vic all through this saga, wading through the endless “Darkseid is” and “Pings!”, and it appears that it was all worth it. A leader doesn’t give up on her team!

Dan Abnett is working some magic with his words… “time plume” (a way to reach into the past) and time crystals (save points in time.. kinda like a video game level save, but with more at stake).  I love that Abnett has free reign, and literally no literary rules this far out in space. His authorship of this book has been great!

Time travel seems to be permeating across the DC Universe, and what better place than the fringes, as Jessica pulls the team back together across time? Does the team have a few more members than readers anticipated?

Marty McFly and Doc Brown Told Us We Should Not See Ourselves!

Jessica reaches back and brings us Azrael and Starfire (who’s a little ripped at her sister for killing her), but… what do we have here? Should I spoil it? Nah! Sit down and get some Double Mint gum as we have several sets of twins showing up.


Justice League Odyssey #24 proves that Darkseid is… Darkseid, and he seems to have recruited a JLO member or two, just so his timeline can exist. If Perpetua’s doing her thing in the universe, and Darkseid’s in the midst of rewriting history, what will happen when they collide? Let’s hope that Dan Abnett and Scott Snyder are on the same page.

Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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